"Top notch writing style on par with other popular contemporary authors. The author uses a style that is very readable. The characters are witty and interesting. The casual writing style is reminiscent of many of the more popular urban fantasy writers today." - ABNA Expert Reviewer

"MASTERS' MYSTERIUM is an alternately touching, thought-provoking, and funny look at what might happen if humans and angels lived side-by-side. It's worth a look for religious and non-religious alike." - IndieReader

  • Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2015: Masters' Mysterium: LAS VEGAS.
  • ForeWord Reviews Magazine:  2015 Book of the Year Finalist.
  • 2016 Indie Reader Discovery Awards Winner - Fantasy
  • Kirkus' Indie Books of the Month Selection

Wisconsin Dells/Las Vegas/Niagara Falls

Masters' Mysterium


Masters' Mysterium

Las Vegas

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"Eminently readable and difficult to put down, MASTERS’ MYSTERIUM: LAS VEGAS is a unique variation on the angels-and-demons mythos set against the blistering heat of the Nevada desert and clanging slot machines."

 - IndieReader

  • Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2014: Masters' Mysterium: WISCONSIN DELLS. 
  • ForeWord Reviews Magazine:  2013 Book of the Year Finalist.
  • Kirkus' Indie Books of the Month Selection

"One of the best paranormal fantasy releases of this year--a self-publishing benchmark." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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Masters' Mysterium

Wisconsin Dells

"Like Charlaine Harris' Midnight, Texas, saga, this is cutting-edge genre fiction that will appeal to genre fans as well as mainstream fiction readers. It's a storytelling tour de force no matter the categorization."- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)